Nigel Foa  

The Darwin Trailer Boat Club is saddened by the news of the recent passing of one of our favourite members. A humble, stout-hearted man who endeared himself to all.

“Now holding hands with Jo”.

Vale Judith Menzies

AFL Footy Tipping – Round 10

For anyone getting confused with what happened to Round 10, let’s clarify. There were 7 matches starting from Monday 3rd August until Friday 7th August inclusive. There were only 14 teams playing.

The four teams that were not playing were West Coast Eagles, Carlton Blues, Hawthorn Hawks and Fremantle Dockers.

Port Power managed to hold their spot on the top of the ladder with a 13 point victory over the Western Bulldogs. It was a very flat start for the Power with the Bulldogs leading at both quarter time and half time. It took half the game for the Power to get their act together which is not totally surprising after only having a 4 day rest between games. The Port Adelaide supporters were there in their usual uncouth noisy manner booing and applauding and showing great disapproval with Score Review Decisions. The Bulldogs put in a huge effort in the last quarter when they realised they had lost the lead. There is nothing worse than a dog off the lead. This was a very good match to watch with an animated crowd, proving that we really do need spectators at the match. Scores 8-7 to 5.12

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AFL Footy Tipping – Round 9

Round 9 AFL has been and gone, squashed in the middle of 33 games in 20 days. Monday 3 August sees the beginning of Round 10.  There seems to be more drama off the ovals than on this week.

Too many CoVid-19 protocol breaches.  Fines being handed out amongst the players, the coaches, the officials and even the wives and families have been escaping the hubs and turning up in Day Spas and Theme Parks.  It appears that every Victorian club has been naughty.  Is it any wonder that the state of Victoria is in the state that it is in?  This whole year 2020 is a bit of a “write off” and a survival of the fittest in more ways than one.

Who is appearing the fittest?  Even though Port Power are still sitting on top of the perch, the West Coast Eagles are proving their expertise and are looking like they might take the flag. Can you imagine how wonderful it could be if the Grand Final was played at Optus Stadium in Perth.  Surely the “G” has forgotten that the “C” in “MCG” stands for Cricket and it will indeed be the Cricket Season by then!

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AFL Footy Tipping – Round 8

It feels like it has only just begun but we half way through the shortened Football Season for this famous year 2020.

This year is full of “Who would have thought..?”. Monday night football? Port Power on the top of the ladder? Crows on the bottom? Collingwood losing by 66 points!!!! St Kilda in the top 4. Richmond out of the top 8.

The lines are getting blurred now between the rounds. Round 9 starts on Wednesday. Not much recovery time for injured players and not much training time either, especially when teams have to fly to another hub.

The West Coast Eagles are obviously happy little Vegemites being home in their own nest. They absolutely humiliated Collingwood on Saturday which was the birthday of their coach, Nathan Buckley. He probably wasn’t going to be much fun blowing out the 48 candles afterwards. It probably did not help the Pies to have Scot Pendelbury pull out before the game. The Eagles were absolutely unstoppable after half time, with Josh Kennedy kicking a total of 7 goals, Nic Natanui just being awesome and the whole team achieving the highest score of this season so far. 18 goals 3 points really shows that the Eagles are possibly back to their old premiership form now that they are safely home in WA.

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