We host events all throughout the year at DTBC, from weekly music sessions on Sundays to annual angling competitions. You can find the upcoming events on our Facebook page.

Upcoming DTBC Events

Lilly to NYC Trivia Night  – 11 July

Casuarina Swimming Club Night  – 29 August

Yoga by the Bay – Saturdays

Previous DTBC Events

Royal Existence Trivia Night  – 16 June

Parap Primary School Quiz  – 13 June

Moil Primary School Trivia Night  – 30 May

National Reconciliation Week Trivia Night  – 29 May

Darwin Divine Dancers Trivia Night  – 26 May

Breakfast with Dogs Trivia Night  – 18 May

Tournament of Minds Trivia Night  – 2 May

Arafura Calisthenics Club Trivia Night  – 11 April

Southern Cross Kids Camps Trivia Night  – 4 April

Book Club Trivia Night  – 21 March

Darwin Street Art Festival Trivia Night  – 14 March

Quiz Night for U21 State Teams – 22 February

Trivia Night for Cats – 15 February

Henry for a Henry – 28 January

Australia Day on the Beach – 26 January

Kids Christmas Party – 16 December

Nepalese Dog Festival – 11 November

Dripstone Middle School Trivia Night – 8 November

Car Boot Sale – Last Saturday of the Month

Sunday Seaside Sessions – 3-6pm

Darwin Choral Trivia night – 28 September

Tara Irish Dance Company Trivia night – 21 September

National Trust Trivia night – 19 September

Book Club Trivia night – 13 September

RSPCA Trivia night – 10 September

Parap School Trivia night – 7 September

Rotary Trivia night – 3 September

Centre for Excellence Trivia night – 31 August

Figure Skating Association Trivia night – 23 August

Royal X Trivia night – 10 August

Down Syndrome Association Trivia night – 3 August

St Mary’s Trivia night – 23 July

TROPiCON Trivia night – 20 July

Deaf Community Fundraiser – 15 June

Waratah Hockey Club Trivia Night – 8 June

Darwin Divine Dancers Trivia Night by the Bay – 31 May

1st Darwin Sea Scouts Trivia Night – 28 May 

Museum Day Trivia Night by the Bay – 21 May (book)

Breakfast with Dogs Fundraiser – 20 May

Carpentaria Trivia Night – 18 May

CareFlight Trivia Night – 11 May

Seasonal Events

Mud Crab 2023 

Saturday 27th May |  Saturday 24th June | Sunday 9th July

Registrations are open for this year’s Great Northern Mud Crab Competition!!

To register email [email protected] (Please provide the boat skipper’s and crew members’ names, team name, club member numbers and skipper’s mobile number)

The Mud Crab Comp is a member’s only event and all participants must be members. New members are welcome.

There are some great prizes to be won.

Registrations close Thursday 25th May 2023.

Coopers Blue Water Classic 2023 

6 -8 October 2023

Please save the date for the Coopers Blue Water Classic.

Registration and Competition terms and conditions will be released closer to the date.

Check out our Facebook page for an up to date event schedule.